What is DecentraCredit

A Decentralized Platform
which connects lenders and borrowers peer-to-peer.

DecentraCredit is a protocol where lenders meet borrowers without a centralized authority dictating deal terms amongst involved parties.
The protocol simply acts as a facilitator and offers maximum flexibility in allowing deals to be made between lenders and borrowers.
The protocol allows users to interact with their peers for a minimal fee, which is 0.5% of the borrowed amount.

DecentraCredit is the simplest solution to your lending / borrowing needs on the Base network and will soon be expanded to new EVM chains.

How it Work

Best Features


Security & Reliability Lend Securely

Collateral is held in a secure escrow smart contract fully audited against any hack.


Low Cost Lowest Possible Charges

A flat & transparent 0.5% borrowing fee deducted from principal. That's it.


Flexibility Borrow at your Preferred terms

Borrow at your preferred terms. Choose from a set of available listings with customized terms.

DCT Token

Buy & Hold DecentraCredit

Buying and holding DCT earns you a share of platform revenue which is distributed every week to DCT holders. Platform revenue is earned in USDT and is used to buy back DCT on the open market before distribution to staked DCT holders.

For more information on the staking program, please review our GitBook documentation here.

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Roadmap & Major Goals

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers for most of your questions. If you need further assistance , please contact us via our social channels.

What is a listing?

A listing is an open loan offer from a Lender that borrowers can select, pending that it meets their own specific requirements.

DecentraCredit is the first truly decentralized P2P lending protocol on the market today. Our smart contract matches borrowers and lenders without having a centralized authority to settle transactions. Lenders have the flexibility to set their own terms and borrowers can filter existing listings to find whatever fits their needs.

Note: Smart contracts do the matching is somewhat incorrect. Smart Contract allows lenders to deposit and allows borrowers to withdraw (and the vice versa). The UI is how the matching (which is basically a manual selection by the borrower, aided by filters and sorting options) is done.

Not your keys, not your coins. Celsius and BlockFi were both centralized entities and committed significant malfeasance in handling customer funds. By being the first truly decentralized P2P lending protocol, Decentra will never hold user funds and therefore is not subject to potential risks.

Decentra doesn’t ask users to deposit in a centralised pool, nor can Decentra access any of those funds, deposited by the Lenders or the Collaterals deposited by the Borrowers. They remain in the smart contract till the loan is repaid or in the unfortunate case of auto-liquidation of collaterals. Under no circumstances, Decentra gains any undue access to any user fund, thus, diminishing the laundering chances to practically ZERO.

Yes, the DecentraCredit team never holds your tokens and instead places collateral funds in an escrow smart contract. We are firm believers of decentralized technology and its application to Web3 financial systems.


DCT tokens gives DCT stakers a revenue share of platform revenues. Platform revenues are earned in USDT and the USDT is used to buyback DCT on the open market. Afterwards, these DCT tokens are distributed to all DCT stakers. For more details please review the GitBook documentation here.

DecentraCredit has a low fee of 0.5% which is charged against the principle. We are advocates for flat, transparent and low fees to the benefit of our users.

Yes. In order to interact with the lending protocol, you must connect your decentralized wallet to the app Once you sign permissions and connect within the app, you will then be able to either lend or borrow according to your needs.


Please reach out to customer support via the official Discord or send an email to [email protected]

As of now, we are supported on the Base network so Base assets are available to be placed as collateral.

Note: Not every asset though, you cant bring in a shitcoin launched yesterday and try to get loan against that. Major assets will be supported though. This is the only centralised control the team has. V2 will not have this either.

Yes we will be expanding our service into other popular EVM chains in the future.

Please contact the admins of the official Discord or send an email to [email protected]


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